The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or UAV (Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles) part for many years in military inventories ago, mainly as observation platforms operating from military airfields and bound in conflict zones. Many of aerial platforms used, have characteristics of flight and mission profiles that greatly resemble a conventional manned aircraft, with the advantages provided by unmanned aircraft.

The UAVs are autonomous flight systems consist essentially of one or more aerial vehicles and ground control station. Every day new applications for UAVs are discovered. Technology moves so fast in this field that constantly appearing new practical applications.

In PTI we offer solutions with applications of Unmanned Aircraft. From developing a network of UAVs aimed at patrolling and surveillance of borders, to the observation and analysis of field on large infrastructures such as nuclear power or central lines. All information is sent to checkpoints and ground control stations teams where you are getting real-time images of the target set by the operator, always depending on the team that has been fitted to the aircraft. On the other hand, the position and characteristics of the vehicle are represented on a digital map, where we can send commands to program new orders.

All properties of our UAVs can be customized and improved for use requiring our customers.


In civilians and the possibility of being equipped with thermal cameras uses, they are able to monitor forest areas in search of outbreaks of potentially dangerous heat. By not endanger human lives, the UAV can approach and introduced into fire zones, monitoring of high voltage wiring, areas with hazardous emissions, propellers hydropower equipment, etc. This way you can image frontline areas would be inaccessible for a manned aircraft.

In military applications for reconnaissance and observation; either organizing a patrol mission through a series of checkpoints; or correcting anytime route lines land or sea border; or simply as a point fixed at an altitude that we program to control large tracts control. All with the possibility of exchanging anytime automatic flight manual.