Ballistic Glass

Our source has the capability to produce independently certified ballistic glass in-house, allowing the armor design to be fully vertically integrated and optimized for the highest level of protection. Ballistic glass panels from third party glass manufacturers are typically made from a standard set of molds based on the size and curvature of the OEM glass. While this helps maintain a low profile look, the armor design may become compromised, as the vehicle’s steel design must be built around the ballistic glass, limiting flexibility.

The ability to produce fully certified ballistic glass in-house allows our sources to reduce the typical 6-8 week lead time for ballistic glass from third party manufacturers and deliver armored vehicles a lot quicker. Additionally, any fitment issues are eliminated by having our sources design and produce both the transparent, as well as, the opaque armor for each vehicle ensuring perfect balance between discrete appearance and optimal protection.

In the event replacement ballistic glass is required for any of our armored vehicles in service, we can deliver new ballistic glass more quickly than other. With typical production times of 3-4 days per set, our sources guarantees the fastest delivery times.

Our sources has established long-term relationships with other leading ballistic glass suppliers and is able to utilize transparent armor from other manufacturers in the vehicle design, as per clients’ specifications.